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Nikolaj Woroschilow

Web-Designer & Marketing Expert, Certified Master of Arts

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Does your conversion strategy fail?

You have a website – but you rarely get customer inquiries

You want to make people aware of your offer online. But your current website does not attract new customers but drives prospects away.
Instead of buying from you, they end up with the competition.

Let’s compare the potential results!
100 visitors land on your

Normal Website

Provides Information

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   80 visitors leave your website
   Aimless browsing
   4 Contact form visits
   0 new customers
100 visitors land on your

Result-Driven Website

Convert Visitors to Leads

Visitors understands your offer in 5 sec. 
No long blocks of text   
Strong motivation   
5 new customers   
The sobering truth?

You are currently getting customers despite your website and not because of your website

The opportunity to get customers on a regular base is clearly missed because your website has no fundamentals in place and the wrong purpose is pursued.


The biggest mistake from the start on is to try wanting to help a broad audience.

Delivering real and strong results …

…to your clients isn’t doable if you offer too much. Fixing only one big problem is the big deal.


If your target audience isn’t understood in it’s full spectrum, they will not feel understood.

Bringing more visitors to your website …

… alone does NOT mean that you will receive more requests. They must be the right visitors.


Getting clients feels like a lucky shot to you? Control your conversion tactics.

Less than 0.5 % of all website visitors …

… even contact you. The key question here is: What are you doing with the remaining 99.5 %?

What is your prospect missing?

Why isn’t your current website bringing customers?

Your offer could really help your customers – so it’s not your product.
All the informations are on your website – so it is not due to a lack of information.


Your prospect’s attention span is only 5 seconds on average

Put yourself in a potential customer …

… and take a look at your website. The prospect has no chance to DIRECTLY understand how great your offer is!


The phrases on your website drive customers away

Your expert blindness keeps you from …

… explaining your offer in a way that is easy to understand. The customer is bored and doesn’t want to spend more time researching.


The customer has no reason to contact you

The customer is interested but you …

… do not give him the strong motivation to book a conversation with you. Therefore, he leaves your website and surfs for other offers.

Take advantage of smart templates

Strong-selling and result-driven websites are key to digital success

Optimized in marketing strategies and designed to lead visitors and to convert them to potential clients with a strong desire to get in contact with you.

Overwelmed by technology?

Get supportive and ready automations, workflows, personal expert and course assistance

You got covered on every spectrum of having your own result-driven website.
You are not alone and in good hands!


The beating heart that frames you as a leading expert

Your target audience will have no trust issues …

… anymore and feel comfortable to regard you as THE expert who is able to solve their problems and deliver results.

This Includes:

  • Individual Concept
  • Responsive Design
  • Landing-page
  • Funnels


The helping hand to understand and motivate your audience

Let’s be honest. It feels abstract to talk about, …

… but it is reasonable to focus on it to some extend. The good news? With a result-driven website, you got covert totally.

This Includes:

  • Customer Journey Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • SEO


It is easier than ever having a website that simply works

Forget things that don’t work or don’t look the way …

… they actually should. Leave those issues to me and enjoy a help care solution for the long-term.

This Includes:

  • Webhosting in Germany
  • Security Checks and Updates
  • BackUps
  • eCommerce
  • Membership System
  • LMS – Course Platform
  • Client-Portal


Time is a resource that should be used wisely

No waste of time anymore, if a result-driven website …

… solution takes care of tedious tasks that cause sometimes confusion and takes up time, which should be there for lead generation and client support. 

This Includes:

  • Funnel System
  • Notification System
  • Invoice and Contract System
  • Automatic Payment System


No need to reinvent a strategy that was invented before

Best practices filtered from successful people …

… who had their trial and errors. Their knowledge is spread through all social media, BUT already implement into the result-driven website solution. 

This Includes:

  • Booking Funnel
  • Sales Funnel
  • Quick Sign and Pay System


A knowledge base will support your progress and workflow

Simply watch the course content where all basics …

… are explained. Special cases will be added if there is a need. In addition, you always can ask me straight away for a solution. 

This Includes:

  • Expert Live-Support
  • Email-Ticket-Support
  • Step by Step Course Content
  • Content Implementation

This is how you can work with me

Unfortunately, I am physically unable to serve more than a handful of customers while delivering strong results at the same time. That’s why I only work with people where I see the greatest potential for success.

Here’s how it works:


Fill in the questionnaire

Provide me some information about you and your company to better understand your situation.


Potential analysis

If your application is promising, I will conduct a potential analysis with you on a quick phone call.


Consulting & Strategy

In our first conversation, we work out a concept for your result-driven website that generates qualified inquiries for you every week.

What happens in the first interview?

Good preparation is half the battle. In our free initial consultation, we work out a strategy together and create the concept for your desired results.

Missleading objections!

The top 4 objections from entrepreneurs and why they are wrong!


“In my industry, customer acquisition is not as easy as in other industries.”


Not correct.

Win more customers online is always based on the same acquisition scheme. Book a free initial consultation now and find out how it can work for you.


“The design of a website is the most important factor.”


Not correct.

Great design is a supportive factor, but nobody buys from you just because you have a nice website. Customers buy from you when they are convinced of your offer.


“Websites need as much information as possible.”


Not correct.

Too much and difficult to understand text discourages visitors from reading. A result-driven website is precise and clearly understandable – no matter how complicated your product is.


“Websites with many pages are better.”


Not correct.

Many sub-pages ensure that prospective customers get lost on your website and surf aimlessly. With a results-driven website, you can control the order in which the prospect sees your content.

Your website does not convert!?

Conversion-rate strategies to get more inquiries.

MORE inquiries, MORE clients, MORE sales!

If your website does not attract the customers you want, even though you’ve spent a lot of time and money on the site, then this webinar is for you!


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Video training

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Hello! I’m Niko.

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I create an authentic website for online coaches within 10 days, so they don’t have to deal with the marketing & technology behind it.

Get more inquiries! More Sales! 


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No technical burden!


Attract the right audience!


More inquiries and sales!

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Unfortunately, I am physically unable to serve more than a handful of customers while delivering strong results at the same time. That's why I only work with people where I see the greatest potential for success.