Can I work with you if I don't live in Germany?

Absolutely! One of the best parts of my business is the ability to work with anyone, regardless of location. I would love to meet you on a virtual coffee date!

What currency are your prices and how does payment work?

All prices are in EUR.  Payments are made through Stripe, which supports all types of credit and debit cards, SEPA direct debit and more. You will be provided with a payment link and invoice.

Can the time frame of the programm be prolonged?

The Mentoring Programm only in rare cases may be prolonged for a very short time. Usualy I only choose ‘action takers’ to work with me. If you become the lucky person to work with me, you must commit to do everything in your power to make your goal happen.

What if I don't like the system you have created for me?

The system come with latest standards in marketing, design and overal functions, which are needed for coaching. Probably there are one or two little things that may not be like you wish for yourself, but this is something that also may be adjusted, if it doesn’t take up much of my precious time.

I am not ready to get started right now but can I reserve a spot?

Sure! Book a Consultation and Strategy Call and if we decide on working together in the near future, you can sign the work agreement and pay a 25% deposit to reserve your spot.

Is your System the right platform for me and my business?

As an expert in Web-Design and Developement I tried out many Systems and I came to the conclusion that WordPress is the most reliable CMS, because it offers a wide range of addons that are great and more than 17 % of the world wide web is using WordPress.
With that being said I created an “all-in-one” platform that suits the condition for an e-commerce store, blog, funnels, ads, and many more areas and features that are great for your online coaching business.

Can I keep my current domain?

Surely, I will connect it for you!

How do I get photos for my website?

You will get clear and easy intructions from me, how you get quality photos without braking your bank. But my recommendation in general is to hire a photographer. In this way, you will make sure that your website photos will truly represent your brand. If this is not a possible option for you, we will make sure to select the best stock images for your website.

Do you provide guidelines on what should be included in my website?

Yes! We’ll decide the main goal of your website during one of our calls and I’ll provide you with recommendations based on that.

I have never used a system like yours before, can you help me?

You will receive a 30-min training session so I can show you the basics on how to make changes and add new items to your site. And in any other case, you will have unlimited access to the training videos I’ll provide for you. Those videos will included all the expert knowledge you’ll need as an coach to handle your system. It will be easy!

How do we communicate during the programm?

We will have an 1 on 1 mentoring seassions on phone or video during the programm.

How much time will this take me?

It havily depends on your commitment and the work you put into my BWS mentoring programm. My programm is split into 12 weeks and usualy that is the scope where my customers get their results at latest.

4 hours per day for the next 12 weeks are absolutely enough to make it happen.

What is your payment plan?

Once we have our Consulting and Strategy Call and have decided to work together, I show you exactly how the payment works. Just in case for people who struggle with money, there is an option available.

Are there any other additional costs?

Any products and/or services, which are not part of the mentoring programm and/or require additional license fees and/or were not agreed before starting the programm will be billed additionally.

Why do you ask clients to sign a contract?

Having a contract is a healthy business practice that helps our relationship to remain smooth and free of misunderstandings. Technically, it would serve as a “binding agreement,” and is simply an opportunity to get us on the same page.

I’m ready! What do I do first?

Book a Consultation and Strategy Call! Don’t waste more of your precious time!

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